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DYNABLADE®is a blade brand developed by ACECOAT using its own technology. ACECOAT supplies coater blades for coated paper manufacturing, creping blades for tissue machines, doctor blades for special applications, and a wide range of other high-quality products to paper manufacturers inside and outside of South Korea.


DYNABLADE® products are manufactured from high-quality materials using thermal spraying and precision machining processes developed by ACECOAT, and subsequently go through strict quality tests before delivery to paper plants inside and outside of South Korea. These processes and thorough QA activities improve the overall productivity and quality of the resulting products such as reduced cutting and replacement cycles.

Product Features
High-density coating
Product quality improved by superb surface roughness
Paper brakes and streaks reduced by low friction
Excellent stability
Superb abrasion-resistance and long life span
Creates evenly polished surfaces
Comes in various specifications (angles, widths)
Product Applications
Applications include fountain coaters, roll applicator coaters, and bill-blade coaters used for on/off-line processes
Bent-/tip-type blades are available.
Applicable to various coating positions, including free, middle, and top coating
Applicable to the manufacture of various high-quality coated papers, including art paper, art boards, and LWC

Coater Blade

Coater Blade
Available in various types of cermet/ceramic blades
ACECOAT provides blades tailored to the needs of individual customers.
Blade Thickness (T : mm) : 0.305, 0.381, 0.457, 0.508, 0.600, 0.635
Blade Width : Available in various widths up to 100 mm.
Blade Length (L : mm) : Available in various lengths, without restriction.
Polishing Angle and Width (a : degree, b : ㎛) : a : 0 ~ 50, b : 100 ~ 1500 (Level 1~3)

Creping Blade

Creping Blade
ACECOAT’s creping blades are made with the optimized materials and the best designs, resulting in low friction, long life span, and long-lasting product quality.
- Low-friction coefficient of the blade surface results in enhanced safety and reduced damage on chemical coating layers or cylinder surfaces.
- Reduces repolishing cycle or cylinder replacement cycle, allowing for significant savings on costs.
Coating Materials : Made with ceramic materials optimized for creping.
Blade Thickness (T : mm) : 0.9 ~ 1.2
Blade Width : Available in various lengths, without restriction
Creping Angle : Available in Positive (+) or Negative (-)

Doctor Blade

Doctor Blade
ACECOAT’s doctor blades are highly effective in removing foreign matters from roll surfaces, reduces blade abrasion, and lessens roll surface damage, thereby improving the overall productivity by a significant margin.
Product Types : Flow-Clean Doctor Blade, Press Doctor Blade, Other Doctor Blades made with metal base materials
Blade Thickness (T : mm) : 0.3 ~ 1.2
Blade Width : Available in various widths up to 120 mm.
Blade Length (L : mm) : Available in various lengths, without restriction.
Polishing Angles and Widths : Can be customized for the machine or products.

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