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Performed at low temperatures
All thermal spray coating processes are performed at low temperatures, except for the fusing process.
The base material temperature is kept at 60–150°C, which prevents thermal deformation or density change.
An economical way to produce highly durable products.
The technology only allows for locally coating areas that require special properties.
Applying high-quality coating on low-quality materials prolong the life span of the materials.
Applicable to a wide range of materials.
The technology is applicable to around 200 types of materials with different purposes and usage environments.
Allows for cutting-edge and high-functional coating.
The technology enhances or lowers abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal resistance, chemical resistance, electric conductivity, insulation, surface hardness, etc.
Ensures even quality.
The technology allows for products with even qualities manufactured through standardized processes.
Makes it easier to recycle abraded or damaged parts.
The technology saves cost and energy by making it applicable to heavily abraded or damaged parts.